Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"A Brighter Tomorrow"

.....It was a normal Tuesday morning. I got up a half an hour earlier, got the hubby up and going, got the kids' rounded up. I headed out with the girl's to take them to their violin lessons.
We were driving along the same road as we usually do, by the cemetery. "Something" made me look over into that place.
There, with his lawn chair and flowers laying in his lap, this older gentleman was staring down at a grave stone.  The look on his face and his faithfulness to that person in the grave touched me.
It touched me in such a way, that I wanted to turn around and tell him...
"There is hope! There is hope beyond the grave!! You can see your loved one again...! They are sleeping! Let me show you!!"
There was no time....
I was on my way to lessons.
I told myself I would go back!
Yes! I would go back and see if he was still there.....after I dropped the girl's off!
After....next time....
He wasn't there. He was gone. Had I missed my opportunity? Had I missed out on sharing Jesus, with someone in need?
"Father," I prayed, "Forgive me!"
How many times in life do we do this? How many times do we miss out on giving someone hope? We pray each morning for Him to show us how to touch another human being...how many times do we fail Him?
"Father, please forgive us.
Please, give me another opportunity for tomorrow!"

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