Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"A Brighter Tomorrow"

.....It was a normal Tuesday morning. I got up a half an hour earlier, got the hubby up and going, got the kids' rounded up. I headed out with the girl's to take them to their violin lessons.
We were driving along the same road as we usually do, by the cemetery. "Something" made me look over into that place.
There, with his lawn chair and flowers laying in his lap, this older gentleman was staring down at a grave stone.  The look on his face and his faithfulness to that person in the grave touched me.
It touched me in such a way, that I wanted to turn around and tell him...
"There is hope! There is hope beyond the grave!! You can see your loved one again...! They are sleeping! Let me show you!!"
There was no time....
I was on my way to lessons.
I told myself I would go back!
Yes! I would go back and see if he was still there.....after I dropped the girl's off!
After....next time....
He wasn't there. He was gone. Had I missed my opportunity? Had I missed out on sharing Jesus, with someone in need?
"Father," I prayed, "Forgive me!"
How many times in life do we do this? How many times do we miss out on giving someone hope? We pray each morning for Him to show us how to touch another human being...how many times do we fail Him?
"Father, please forgive us.
Please, give me another opportunity for tomorrow!"

Friday, January 4, 2013

Adoption, GYC and the Hospital.....again!

Well, how do I write all of the things that have been going on around here? Where do I begin?
We have been in the process of re-adopting Seth, here in the states. We were able to work with a lady, that has adopted before and knew how to write up all the legal documents we would need to do this. So, week before last, Rhett and I went into the court house and filed our papers. We made the court date for last Friday. We had to leave for GYC that day too, but we thought we could fit it all in!
I was nervous Friday morning. I was praying that I had all the paperwork and it could finally be final! So, our clan went there early and was sitting in the court room, waiting for the judge. My sister-in-law, Tina came in, just a few minutes before the judge entered the room.
So, there we were....anxiously anticipating this day.....
Then we hear..."All rise!"
I said a small prayer and stood.
The judge asked us to come to the front, Rhett and I went up.
This judge...not only did she ask Rhett and I questions about adopting Seth, she brought each one of our other children up in conversation and asked them, too. The whole family adopted him! It was so neat! She kept saying that this adoption was the best thing she would do all day. She said she doesn't get to do things like this much. It couldn't have gone smoother. I am so glad that it's done!
So, after that we went and picked up a couple of our friends who were going to GYC as well. If you don't know what GYC is, it's a HUGE Adventist Youth Convention. It was held in Seattle this year and I don't think that city will ever be the same! There were 6,000+ people there. It is so amazing to be in a group of believers like that. Words can not explain it. We met up with old friends, new friends, all kinds of friends my kids knew. People I didn't even know would be there....such a neat experience! I gotta say....my favorite part, and it's hard to choose, but my favorite part was......seeing and hearing that many youth, parents, people young and old, singing their hearts out to hymns. There wasn't a show, there wasn't a band....there was complete love and reverence for the Lord. Oh I LOVED that part!!!
Bummer was...I had an asthma attack, lost my voice and I couldn't sing the last two days, but I could listen!!!
Saying good-bye to everyone was hard. We packed up Tuesday morning to head home. The two mountain passes we have to go over to get home, couldn't have been better weather. The next day they closed one of them down, because of snow! God was leading.....,but that's not the end of the story!
The next morning, Tuesday, Rhett was back at work and Garhett started another quarter of college. I decided to start school with the other kids, this coming Monday. So, we went out to get apples, produce, dog food. We were on our way to the Health Food store, when my phone rang. Mitchell, answered it, because remember...my voice is gone. I hear the voice of my nephew, from next door. Mitchell, was trying to make sense of what he was saying and said, "Mama, he has to talk to you.. he's frantic!"
I put it on speaker and squeaked out, "Start talking!"
By then he was somewhat calmer...but this is what he said," Aunt Trina, Momo had a heart attack! She is at Costco and she needs her Living Will papers!"
In my mind I am thinking...calm Caleb down....turn around...go home and get him...
Then he says," Can you call Uncle Trent? What do I do?"
I pulled over and told him I would be right there..I called my brother-in-law, who is in the state over from us. He knew my voice ( I don't know how, because it was a squeak!), stayed very calm and said to keep him posted.
So, on my way home to get my nephew....I didn't know if she was alive!....here's the story...
Dawn, my mother-in-law, had gone to her swimming/aerobic class that morning. My sister-in-law and two of her kids, picked her up from that and went to Fred Meyer, walked into two different banks and they were on their way to Costco. Dawn, said she was pretty tired, but would go into the store anyway. They parked across from the exit to the store. She had a cart and was getting her wallet out when she told Lana that she was feeling dizzy.....Lana got behind her and started yelling, "Help Me! Help Me!" Lana, got her to the ground (still on the outside of the store) A lady who was going into the exit runs over and starts doing CPR, another man runs up and starts doing chest compressions. Another lady grabs blankets out of her car and a Costco worker asks if they wanted him to get the paddles. They said,"Yes!"
The CPR, chest compressions and shocking her heart once, got a pulse. Within five minutes the ambulance was there and they got the tube down her and into the ambulance. By the time we got to the hospital she was starting to open her eyes. She was coming to, but the tube stayed in her for awhile. She could answer our questions by nodding her head yes or no.
So, the last two days we've been camping out at the hospital. They want to do another heart cath on her, so see if the new stint has a blockage, or what is going on.
At Costco, they told us her heart was barely quivering.
She told me it felt like a bad dream that she couldn't wake up from.
I don't understand. She was getting so much stronger. Feeling so much healthier!
Now...she has broken ribs...sadness...scared to know what is going to happen.
The lady who saved her life came to the hospital last night. She said she carried the mouth to mouth piece in her purse for twenty years, with never using it. She lives an hour away! She was down, returning something to the store. The man who did the chest compressions was an off duty fireman who wasn't from here either!
Dawn, told me yesterday that she almost stayed in the car to wait for Lana, at Costco.But, she felt led to go in...what if? She said,"What if I hadn't of...Lana would of come back with me gone!"
The Lord works in mysterious ways. She is still with us for a reason. I wonder what this day will hold. It is so important to wake up and give our days over to the Lord. We never know what will happen.
The story isn't quite over! Last night, the kids were home, Lana's kids' were home and we were all over at the hospital. Lana, gets a phone call from her Caleb, he can't find the 3 year old, Josiah! It was in the low-low 20's last night! So, while she's on the phone with him, I call Garhett and tell him to go over there and start looking for him! See, we live next door to Lana and Dawn lives next door to her. So, Mitchell and Garhett run over there.....he isn't to be found. So, I call my kids again and tell them to start looking in the orchard and everywhere!! Trent is about ready to call 911....Lana, Trent and my niece Allise start heading out to go home. They are clear down the hall, when Tori calls me and tells me they found him! I ran out of the room trying to call to them...remember....my voice is gone! They didn't hear me!!!  So, I ran all the way down the hall....people looking at me as if I'd gone crazy!...I caught them at the elevators!!!
Caleb, was watching him....got distracted and Josiah decided he wanted to visit Momo (Dawn). He doesn't understand she is at the hospital again. So, he goes to my house...my kids were downstairs and didn't know he was there! He then went through the upper orchard, into Dawn's house and he was hiding under a bush outisde! He only had his pajamas on and boots! My kids and Lana's kids were running all over, yelling his name....when Seth saw him under the bush! Garhett grabbed him and he clung to him. Garhett, took him in by the fire to warm him up.....wow!
I am ready for some calmness and peace................!
Well...I better get the kids around and head over to the hospital.
Come Lord Jesus, come!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Program 2012

The twins, Nathan and Ellie were "Mary and Joseph". The beloved baby Jesus, was one of Ellie's, best loved dolls! I didn't notice (until my brother pointed it out) that the "baby Jesus' " head was smudged with "love". It was to late to clean him off, because he was already in the manger and the singing program had started!
Tori, as an angel.....
Seth, as one of the Wise Men....
It was a program that we will never forget! The kids' were all so cute. They sung their hearts out and spoke their speaking parts very well. The congregation didn't even notice when the directors (myself, Rhett and a friend of ours) messed up! Even the three times our sound system broke the sound barrier....Satan could not prevail! The program continued with great success....never to be forgotten!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

"The Beautiful Story"

The Beautiful Story
~ as told by my husband Rhett.....
So I had a great experience at work last week when working with one of my students.  In fact, this student is the son of some of our closest friends.  To begin, you need to understand that learning comes at a little slower pace for this child than other children. Nevertheless, his positive attitude and elbow grease help him succeed in his own special way.  So, the story...
  He had just finished partner reading with another classmate when I witnessed him say to his partner, "_ _ _(other student),_ _ _, _ _ _(waiting for his attention), I appreciate you reading with me-thank you_ _ _."  The other child looked at him with a bewildered look and said in a questioning tone, "You're welcome?"  I think the other student was wondering what the proper etiquette would be after being treated so kindly by one of his own.  What should his response be to an exchange so formal and respectful?  He was dumbfounded!
As soon as the children were at recess I immediately went to his homeroom teacher to relay this very heart warming and sweet story.  Time Out: You might be thinking, Big Deal! One student was nice to another!  That's not shocking.  Okay, I beg to differ with you.  A student who is genuinely appreciative of another in this way never happens in school the way I saw it in my classroom a few days ago with this boy.  There was a true spirit of love involved.  In 15 years of teaching I've never seen it.  Okay, back to the story.
I relayed the story to the homeroom teacher who was very pleased, but amazingly not surprised!  She has had similiar experiences with this special little person.   She said he treats people with a genuine touch all the time with his words and actions.  In fact, some of the teachers have joked that he is like a "Little Jesus."
Hmmmm.....I guess God's children are really God's children.  It doesn't matter what cards they've been dealt as long as they have a love for Him and a heart for His people.  Could it be that the little ones in our lives who seem, for the lack of better terms-"missing something" actually be the hidden treasures in this dying world.  I'm not saying this little person is perfect, but, I do believe that his character is actively transforming into the image of his Savior.
I wonder if he is more advanced in this department than his reading teacher...?  Maybe most of us...?  I don't know, but he has had an impact on some of the people who get to help him and teach him on a daily basis.  He might even be having an impact on his peers!  I'm sure he is!  Thank you Lord for the little lessons in life that turn out to be pretty profound.

Friday, November 16, 2012


They did the procedure today. They said they couldn't do anything else for her, except shoot some dye into her, to see what meds will help her heart.
Guess what? Once they got into her....they discovered they could....maybe.....they should try.... a stint. They tried and it worked!!!!!
She is now waiting for the cath. to be taken out. Hoping there won't be a hematomah. Rhett, is there, being a good son. Just him and his mom. The Lord planned it this way.
I am tired of crying! This is good news.
We got hit with some other hard news today. One of my mother-in-law's friends, a dear friend (my favorite) was told she has uterine cancer. She will have to go to the UW (where mom-in-law is) and have surgery.
I have been crying all day.
I miss my husband.
It's Sabbath and he isn't here.
I am cold and lonely without him.
I am thankful there's more hope for my mom-in-law now.
I am thankful for a dear, sweet friend who had soup and cornbread waiting for us when we came home this afternoon.
I am exhausted. I am going to try to sleep.
(try anyway)
Marci and Dakota...you both made me cry today....happy tears from your sweet words.
Thank you both!

Sadness...Overwhelming Sadness....

Things don't always turn out how we want them to be.
Rhett, came home from the "big city" last night, with his sister, Mitchell and Tori, but without his mother. They were suppose to do her procedure three days ago, but she kept getting "bumped", for other scheduled cases and emergencies. She was suppose to go in at 1:30 yesterday, then 3:00, then between 5 and 7...then not at all. A doctor came in last night and apologized over and over, but things couldn't be helped. So.....today she is scheduled for 1:30. Rhett, needed to come home to write sub-plans for today. The kids were tired and needed their home. Lana, needed her family and they needed her.
Our plan was for me to go back with Rhett today and have Garhett take charge again. Rhett, came home at 10 last night. Traveling mercies were again on him on the passes. I so wanted to go and be with him and his mother today. We prayed and felt that the kids needed me here.
I just went over to his mom's house to get the things she needed. She is suppose to come home tomorrow....
I kissed Rhett good- bye again, with tears running down my face. Last night, I hardly slept. I was listening to Rhett breath and I was thinking of all the sweet memories that his mom and I have had. I was thanking the Lord for such a great mother-in-law. She became my friend even before Rhett and I decided to get married. She has continued to be a great support.
Before Rhett, fell asleep, he caught me up on the last few days, of what the doctors had been telling them.
"Congestive heart failure"
I have heard all of this before.........
It's not fair! She is still so young! He has already lost his daddy and now we don't know how long we will have his mother.
He is driving alone. He is on his way back to be at his mother's side. I am not. I feel so torn. I know Rhett is right, that I need to be with the kids. I want to be in both places, but it isn't to be. I wanted to take the kids, but his mom couldn't get up in our van.
Why? Why have we been saying good-bye to so many of our loved ones?
The comfort that I have is Jesus. I want to cherish these times that I have with her. I know soon all of this will be done away with. We will all be together in heaven some day. The suffering, the pain, it's so hard for me to see someone hurting. I want to take that pain and suffer for them.

 We have Someone who has done that.
"Dear Father in heaven. Please be with Rhett as he drives the snowy roads. Please be with the doctors today and guide their hands. Please give Dawn the strength to come home to us. Please give us a peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you Father, in Jesus name, Amen!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Where do I begin?
Today, is my husband's birthday. We celebrated it last night with the kiddo's, because he is on his way across a mountain pass (in the snow) to see his mother.
Life has been crazy around this place.
I started our PRIDE classes at the end of last month. I am halfway through them now. Hallelujah! They are pretty insightful, but far away! Yes, they do offer these classes in our town, but it conflicts with our beliefs. All of the classes are during the Sabbath hours. So....that means we have to travel three hours (one way) to participate. We know the Lord wants us to do this....we know He has a plan...so we are following His way!
What are these classes for, you ask? We are going to be foster parents. Our little guy Seth, every morning and evening (and probably during his day) prays for a little sister (or two). We would go back to Africa if we could, but that's just not in the plan in the near future. So, we prayed long and hard and are going to "look" into foster care.......we shall see!
So, I have been interrupting the children's schooling, twice a week, to travel to these classes. They have dealt pretty well. Garhett, gets home around 1:30 every day and helps them with their work and daddy comes home and finishes it up.
It was working out okay, until last week...........
Rhett's mother has been struggling with her health. We all knew it was her heart. To make a long story short, last Thursday she went in for a procedure, through the main artery. They thought they could go into one of the arteries and put a stint in. When they tried to do that, she coded. I was trying to get a hold of Rhett on his cell phone, but he was teaching and couldn't get it. I finally just called the school (which I hardly ever do...unless it's an emergency).
He left school and told me to meet him outside. He was going to swing by and pick me up so we could go to the hospital.
I was trying to keep my tears at bay and stay calm for the kids. I got them all settled, then ran down our long driveway and met Rhett on the road. We literally flew over to the hospital.
When we arrived we were told, by Rhett's sister, that she had come-to on her own. She was going over to the UW by ambulance.....
So, what do we do, but called the kids, called my mom then Rhett, Lana (Rhett's sister) and I , headed over the pass....following the ambulance.
We waited to talk to her, before they put her into the ambulance. She had a tear roll down her face as she squeezed my hand. I couldn't speak...there was that "hot lump" in my throat again. The kids had made cards for her, for when she came home. In my haste to run to Rhett when he got home...I grabbed those cards. (cards mean so much to her) I slipped those cards under her little hand and her face lit up!
We were on our way....when we were over the first pass we all realized we had NOTHING with us! We had our phones and the clothes on our backs...that was it! We didn't even have coats! The Lord was watching out for us. All three of us have the type of personalities where everyone comes first and we think of ourselves last....well, this proved it once again! At least it made us smile!!
Once we got to the hospital, we met with several doctors, teams, nurses, etc. Once again I am impressed with the UW hospital.
So, we stayed the night and came back Friday, just missing Rhett's brother and his family. They came and stayed the weekend, so we could be home with our kids. We aren't sure of what the future holds, we are praying that Rhett's mother is with us for awhile longer. My prayer is that our children can see someone come home from the hospital and LIVE! They have seen a lot of the older generations in our family go to the hospital and not live long afterwards. Although, my brother is a living example of a miracle!!
Praying that we have her for the holidays and much longer!
The last thing I said to her when I said goodbye was, "Thanks for going through this for us! I love you!"